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The Ultimate Planner that I have set up for you will guide you every step of the way.
From knowing how to get started, to questions that need to be asked, comparisons that need to be made and complete details on my 4-phase planning strategy, you will be able to organise your dream wedding day with guidance and tips and tricks from a wedding planner who has over 10 years experience in the industry.
My one-on-one call with you will release you of any queries and thoughts you may have and my resources will be accessible to you throughout the whole planning process.
Your Ultimate Planner will be your best friend throughout this process, your one-on-one call will be your reference for the whole duration of the planning of your big day and the resources such as videos, documents, checklists and tips & tricks will help you to ensure you reach your big day with the biggest smile and completely stress-free. 

Did you know that it takes +/- 200-300 hours to prepare a wedding?!

Time is precious and that is why I’ve come up with the Ultimate Planner for you to organise your wedding from A-Z, utterly stress-free !

The Ultimate Planner

by Lynn

90-minutes call dedicated to you and your questions

10+ videos explaining all the processes that will get you trough the whole planning

Support on a private chat for two weeks after our call and a catch-up call for any additional questions

Templates, checklists, additional information and much more...

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